The Quintessential Offensive Center Back Has Returned To Chelsea

David Luiz has reportedly moved back across the English channel from PSG to Chelsea.

David Luiz, the foremost offensive center back in the world, is returning from whence he came. Luiz is reported moving back to Chelsea from PSG, reversing the move he made in 2014.

We could not be happier about this, as Luiz is one of the most entertaining players in the game. His unique skill set (for a center back) guarantees you one thing: there will be goals.

This is not to say Luiz is a bad player. He's really pretty good, we swear. It's just he's not very good at the "defending" part of being a defender. He plays out of the back well and is a monster on set pieces (even taking them sometimes), but he racks up penalties and own goals and defensive mistakes at a rate that would make Alberto Moreno blush.

Look forward to a lot of this this season:

But also this:

If you're a Chelsea fan, you better stock up on blood pressure medication. If you're not, you better stock up on popcorn. This will be fun.

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