The Oceania Champions League Just Produced The Game Of Our Dreams

An Oceania Football Federation Champions League game between Kiwi FC and Nadi FA featured seven goals and six red cards.

Soccer is not just about goals. Goals are the object, sure, and the prize and the, um, goal, but goals alone do not make the game. This Oceania Champions League match between Kiwi FC (Samoa) and Nadi FA (Fiji) had goals, seven of them in fact, but it had way more than that.

Who doesn't love a good sending off? Few would argue a red card situation is not entertaining. This Oceania Champions League match between Kiwi FC and Nadi FA had, in addition to the seven goals, six red cards. 

Just let that marinate for a second.


Red cards.

In one game.

Holy sh**.

Fun And Games In The Oceania Champions League

Give him the chair! GIVE HIM THE CHAIR!

Oh, right, soccer. Sorry. Nadi FA beat Kiwi FC 4-3, in what looked to be a tremendous comeback victory, so kudos to them, but the real hero of the match, we think, is the referee. For such an insane game, he seemed remarkably composed. Also, he was little enough that most of the players could have picked him up and suplexed him, so kudos to them for not doing that.

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