Neymar Tried To Play Baseball. He Was Not Good At It

Barcelona and Brazil National team striker Neymar dropped by a Mets game and tried his hand at the batting cage. It did not go well.

Neymar went to a Mets game for some reason. During his visit to Citi field the Brazil National Team captain decided to try his luck in the batting cages. It went about as well as you'd expect from a person who makes his living with his feet and not his hands.

Hey, he's not the captain of the Brazil National Baseball Team. At least he made contact.

The consensus, though, seems to be that he should stick to kicking.

That's more like it.

Serious question: why the Mets? Did they just fit his schedule better? You would think Neymar wouldn't want to be associated with (no offense, Mets fans) one of the most downtrodden teams in baseball. 

(H/T FOX Sports)

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