Leicester City Fans Get Free Beer

Leicester City club owners celebrate with their fans by giving out free beer vouchers to everyone who attends Sunday's final match against QPR.

As the Blues in London celebrate two championships, and the Blaugrana cheer on Munich, Leicester have their own party in the East Midlands for finishing 14th place in the table. 

This isn’t any party however, this is a dream come true for any football fan far and wide. Leicester City have announced they will give a free pint of beer, or bottle of water for the smaller fans, to every supporter during Sunday’s final match against QPR. The father and son owners of the small club sure know how to reward their loyal fans. What better way to celebrate staying above the relegation line after their first appearance in the Premiership in over a decade.   

Leicester City cheer for a win and beer

Cambiasso celebrates their continuation in the Premiership and, of course, free beer. Photo: @OfficialFOXES | Twitter 

Vice Chairman Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha told lcfc.com “Even during the most difficult times of the season, when everyone thought we had no chance, our loyal fans continued to believe and continued to get behind the team.”  

The Germans sure know how to use beer to their advantage when celebrating a huge milestone in their season. Muller and Schweinsteiger are no strangers to the perks beer and football. 

Muller and Schweinsteiger celebrate another title winning campaign

Muller and Schweinsteiger celebrate another title for Bayern Munich with a German sized beer. Photo: @FrescoFYI | Twitter 

With a free pint, and maybe a couple more pints, the Foxes supporters will surely send the club into next season with a great deal of noise. Maybe a couple other owners will take a hint at this. I’m looking at you Abramovich. 

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