This Keeper Has Become A Top Scoring Player For His Club

Brazilian club Sao Paulo has entered the Guinness Book of World Records with the highest scoring keeper in history. He now has 128 goals.

At the age of 42, Brazilian keeper Rogerio Ceni has scored his 128th goal for Sao Paulo, earning him a spot in the top 10 goal scorers for his club. Yes, that’s right. He is the keeper and captain of the team, and if you’re not familiar with this name, his free kick expertise has helped him become one of the highest scoring players from direct free kicks and penalties. Ceni has played his entire 25 year career for Sao Paulo, from the youth development team to his senior position on the first team.

It is a common sight for Sao Paulo fans to see their legendary keeper leave his post to take a free kick or penalty. His expertise over the ball is something any attacker would dream of having. The Sao Paulo club tweeted out, “Ceni reached a difficult mark for any attacker”.   

Ceni has scored more goals than any other goal keeper in history, with over 500 appearances for his club. Though his career at Sao Paulo is coming to an end, his record of 128 goals will go unrivaled by any keeper for a long time.

Who would you choose to take a free kick from this list of legends?

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Photo: Soccer Memes | Facebook

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