The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: 50 Years Of Mexico World Cup Kits

The greatest tournament in the World, the FIFA World Cup, is known for many things: its amazing football, passionate fans, dramatic twist and turns and the teams' kits.

What a man wears says a lot about him, or so they say. If that's true, we can learn a lot by examining Mexico World Cup kits from the past 50 years.

In a World Cup match with so many elements involved, many look to their national team's jersey for inspiration.

His team is 2-0 down right before halftime. He looks up into the stands and see a sea of green, red and white. Their kit's colors. That player’s mental toughness kicks in and he goes back into the match with a different attitude. Whether that dose of inspiration changes the outcome of the match is hard to say but what we can say is that in soccer, what you wear matters.

New Zealand's Rugby National Team, the All Blacks are known for their intimidating, traditional Maori war dance, right before matches, the Haka. In soccer, we just don’t have that. I wish we did. Imagine England and Italy unearthing a cultural performance right before their match.

In soccer, players line-up before the match, sing their national anthem, shake hands and off they go. All teams ever see is their opponents' kits. This is how teams in soccer share their culture, a bit of their country's history, and a place where players, fans draw their pride from.

In celebration of Mexico winning their playoff match against the United States, let’s talk about Mexico World Cup kits. For Mexico, El Tri has worn great jerseys over the years, some better than the others.

El Tri takes pride in it’s traditional green jersey. The green, red, and white are the colors from the national flag. In the center of the flag, you’ll find the eagle with a snake in its mouth. Again, the jersey is a way to share Mexico’s culture with the world.

Over the last 40 years, Mexico has definitely taken some great jerseys to the World Cup but they most certainly took some really awful ones. Let's take a look at 50 years of El Tri World Cup history and rate which Mexico World Cup kits are the best. 

50 Years Of Mexico World Cup Kits

2014 World Cup, Brazil

Mexico had a tough 2014 World Cup, making it out of the group stage and then falling to the Dutch in the Round of 16. But this jersey was definitely one of the highlights of that World Cup. We see it as one of the better jerseys Mexico has worn to a World Cup. It was a traditional green jersey with some colorful zig zags surrounding Mexico's emblem in the middle. 

Mexico World Cup Kits, 2014

Chicharito was one of the stars of that world cup.. We definitely rate this jersey high up there as one of the best ones worn. Photo: @sherytheketchup | Twitter

2010 World Cup, South Africa 

Another disappointing World Cup for Mexico, losing 3-1 to Argentina in the Round of 16. El Tri can never catch a break against the South Americans. Mexico played like never before and lost like always. This jersey was okay. I mean. There's not much to it. The collar was different and had a different take to it. I’ll say it wasn’t one of the best. It was a bland take on the jersey. 

Mexico World Cup Kits, 2010

Mexico donned this jersey in their 3-1 loss against Argentina. It definitely didn’t provide a bit of inspiration for the team. Photo: @IvanAMH16 | Twitter

2006 World Cup, Germany 

One of the last tournaments that we got to see Jared Borgetti put on the famous El Tri jersey. This jersey was one of the better jerseys taken by Mexico to a World Cup. The white stripe across the jersey looked nice, with the kit number in the middle, underneath the stripe. In the Round of 16 against Argentina, Mexico fell prey to a Maxi Rodriguez volley in extra time.

Mexico World Cup Kits, 2006

Jared Borgetti, one of El Tri’s legends of the game, battling it out in one of Mexico’s better jerseys. Photo: @BurndenAces | Twitter

2002 World Cup, Korea/Japan

I would say one of my least favorite Mexico jerseys, the jersey taken to the 2002 World Cup was so bland. Whoever came up with it literally did not try to add any creativity to it. The jersey is completely green with the kit number next to the El Tri emblem. Not much else to say about the jersey other than it was the one worn in the infamous Mexico vs. U.S.A. duel in the Round of 16. The Americans surprised El Tri in that match and knocked them out of the World Cup with a 2-0 win. 

Mexico World Cup Kits, 2002

The jersey was as bad as Mexico’s performance in this World Cup. Photo: @CPFC | Twitter

1998 World Cup, France

By far Mexico’s best jersey. The Aztec calendar infused green kit was one of the highlights of Mexico’s World Cup in France.

This jersey needs to be brought back by the Mexican Soccer Federation. It would an incredibly unique jersey in this day and age. You just don't see jerseys like this anymore.

Cuauhtemoc Blanco was one of the stars who added his own eccentric flair to this already eccentric jersey. Mexico lost to Germany 2-1 in the Round of 16 in that World Cup, but who cares. This jersey was awesome.

Mexico World Cup Kits, 1998

By far, Mexico’s best jersey in the last 50 years of World Cup history. Photo: @wolffmatt | Twitter

1994 World Cup, United States

Somewhat of a similar concept to the 1998 World Cup El Tri jersey. This jersey had Mexico strewn throughout, in shapes resembling the way that the Aztec calendar was carried out in. I would say it’s one of the best Mexico World Cup kits ever. Mexico once again lost in the Round of 16, this time to Bulgaria. 

Mexico World Cup Kits, 1994

Not a bad looking jersey. Photo: @Andy_Lopez | Twitter

1986 World Cup, Mexico

Mexico hosted this World Cup. I know I already mentioned my dislike for just an all green jersey but this one for some reason doesn’t have a bland look to it.

Even though it doesn’t look too bland. I’m still not a fan. I mean, come on. There's got to be more they can do with the jerseys. But I feel like with this World Cup, we are venturing into the land of retro jerseys.

This World Cup is well known in Mexico, not only for having hosted the tournament but also because they got out of the Round of 16. They made it to the quarterfinals having beaten Bulgaria 2-0, only to lose to West Germany in penalties.

Mexico World Cup Kits, 1986

One of the worst. Photo: @clorinum | Twitter

1978 World Cup, Argentina

This was an incredibly disappointing World Cup for Mexico. They failed to win any points in the group stage and did not even make it to the next round. On a bright note, the Mexico World Cup kits were very fashionable at the time. Surprisingly enough, they were designed by Levi’s. The jerseys aren’t that bad.

Mexico World Cup Kits, 1978

That hair though. Photo: @JosieBeckerFC | Twitter

1970 World Cup, Mexico

Mexico hosted this World Cup but they must have been too excited  to put much thought into the jersey style. This kit has to be by far one of the worst Mexico World Cup kits ever. Hardly any design to it. Mexico lost to Italy 4-1 in the quarterfinals.

Mexico World Cup Kits, 1970

Not that great to look at. Photo: @mexicostats_Tri | Twitter

1966 World Cup, England

It was difficult to find a picture of Mexico’s 1966 World Cup jersey but if this picture album has anything to say about it, well, we can guess it was an all green jersey as well. The World Cup, hosted by England and won by the host country, failed to see Mexico qualify for the next round from the group stages. 

Mexico World Cup Kits, 1966

So much green. Photo: @beyondTLM | Twitter

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