Eden Hazard Scored A Worldie During Belgium Training

Eden Hazard hasn't scored for Chelsea yet this season, but he was right on the mark during Belgium training.

Bicycle kicks are good and also Eden Hazard is good. With that being said, the winner of this video is the person who added the music after Hazard hammered an overhead in Belgium training:

Pass. Bike. Score. Dance. I couldn’t ask for more out of a video.

Although it was massively fun, the international break is finally over and the Premier League relaunches Saturday - hooray! - with Everton hosting Chelsea in a game that feels more important than it should so early in the season. 

That’s a bit further away though. The Euro 2016 qualifying was bonkers again these past few weeks. Let’s recap: Iceland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are leading their groups. Gareth Bale is absurd. Albania is in good shape to qualify for its first major tournament ever, and the Dutch might miss the thing altogether just a year after making the semifinals of the World Cup. Astounding. 

Belgium is second in Bale’s group, by the way, and Hazard scored an 85th-minute winner to beat Cyprus and keep them there. It was on a pretty counterattack, on a delightful pass Dries Mertens, but it didn’t come with a dance track, so it wasn’t as good as the training ground bicycle kick. So it goes.


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