Mexico Uses Donald Trump To Pump You Up For Confederations Cup Playoff

Mexico's commercial promoting the Confederations Cup playoff on Oct. 10 features Donald Trump and some inspirational scenes/words.

The Donald is now embroiled in the USMNT-El Tri rivalry. TV Azteca made a (thoroughly awesome) commercial that spliced some of Donald Trump's more cringeworthy moments with Mexican soccer players, and particularly Mexican soccer players who have played in the U.S., doing cool stuff.

The Star-Spangled Banner playing in the background was a nice touch. 

Even though we are fans of the USA, we are forced to admit that the commercial was pretty cool. Hopefully the U.S. can produce a commercial to match it, but we have our doubts.

That said, if the U.S. win on Oct. 10., this commercial means nothing. If Mexico wins, though, it becomes everything.

(H/T SB Nation)

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