Defenders Got Seriously Embarrassed This Year. This Video Is Proof.

You would think a defender could only get beat in so many ways. You would be wrong.

Beating a defender in soccer is addicting. It’s addicting to pull off, and addicting to watch. When your team is up, it honestly can become the sole purpose of playing — what’s the point of scoring another goal when you already are up 5? You are trying to embarrass the other team, and they know that you are trying to embarrass them. Solid tackles and clever nutmegs become infinitely more important than perfectly weighted passes and disciplined positioning. Pretty soon your team is cheering a sweet move more than goal.

Like goals, some pieces of skill are meaningless, and some change your perceptions of the game forever; some are hardly intentional, and others make it completely ok to listen to Coldplay and cry tears of joy

Do you remember the first time a piece of skill truly blew your mind? When seeing a clip on YouTube or TV immediately made you grab the nearest ball and start practicing in what ever space you had? This video is 7 minutes of that, and now it’s time to watch. 

A gif of the lakers reacting to a massive dunk is shown.

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