Nathan Collins Horror Tackle Almost Kills Jack Grealish

It doesn't seem fair to even call it a tackle. A more apt description would be “murder attempt.” Wolves found itself behind early against Manchester City, but center back Nathan Collins almost killed Man City winger Jack Grealish with a ridiculous challenge, as City cruised to a 3-0 win. 

Wolves Red Card — Nathan Collins Horror Tackle On Jack Grealish

Virgil Van Dijk's Red Card Worthy Challenge On Amadou Onana

Virgil van Dijk has had a turbulent start to the Premier League campaign – falling behind on points with Liverpool, having below par performances and being clowned on social media.

His bad form, along with the whole team, is apparent and mistimed tackles like these can’t tell us otherwise.

Hamburger Player Kicks Opponent In Stomach After Nearly Getting His Shorts Pulled Off — Gets Red Card

Hamburger SV forward Aaron Opoku was sent off during his team’s 2-1 defeat to Darmstadt on Friday after he lashed out at an opponent. 

With his side trailing 2-0 in the 64th minute but up a man, Opoku was starting an attack for Hamburger. Darmstadt’s Fabian Holland couldn’t slow down Opoku and as a last resort he grabbed onto the forward’s shorts and held on for dear life.

Opoku was pissed. Royally pissed. What happened next is a quick lesson on how to get all your teammates to dislike you.

Roja De Cárcel En Copa Libertadores: El Planchazo De Oro Del 2022

El partido de cuartos de final de Copa Libertadores entre Palmeiras y Atlético Mineiro, jugado la noche de este miércoles, fue escenario de uno de los peores planchazos que hemos visto en 2022.

Después de una entretenida primera vuelta con un marcador de 2-2, la revancha prometía mucho considerando lo que estaba en juego. Pero lo que parecía ser un interesante duelo comenzó con una horrible tarjeta roja. 

The 10 Best Defenders At The 2022 World Cup

A well-oiled defense can be the difference between going out in the group stage and winning a tournament. Scoring four goals in a game is well and good until you turn around are realize the other team scored five. Every successful team needs to be able to keep the ball out of its own net. Defending is an art, and at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, many artists will be on display, putting their bodies on the line to ensure their team advances to the next round. But not all defenders are created equal.

Héctor Herrera Dejó Ver Las Heridas En Sus Piernas Tras La Batalla Contra El Manchester United

Después del colosal partido que jugó ante Manchester United, en Old Trafford, Héctor Herrera compartió con el mundo las heridas que quedaron en sus piernas tras la intensa batalla. 

Heridas en las piernas de Héctor Herrera

En conversación con Movistar+, HH exhibió su orgullo por haber sido una de las figuras del Atlético de Madrid, en una serie que puso a los colchoneros en los cuartos de final de la Champions League.

Athletic Club’s Iñaki Williams Saw Attempted Horror Tackle On Younger Brother And Was Ready For War

Osasuna’s Chimy Ávila made himself public enemy No. 1 on Monday when he attempted one of the dirtiest tackles on Athletic Club’s Nico Williams. Nico’s older brother, Iñaki, didn’t take kindly to Chimy Ávila’s actions and gave him an earful for the disgraceful tackle.

Sam Kerr Decking A Pitch Invader Has Got To Be One Of The Most Satisfying Videos On Earth

As the Ancient Greeks used to say, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” One guy found this lesson out the hard way when he thought it would be great idea to interrupt a UEFA Women’s Champions League game by running onto the field. He would meet the stiffest shoulder from Chelsea’s Sam Kerr. This Sam Kerr pitch invader video will now sit among my favorite videos ever.

Don’t Be This Guy: Crazy Soccer Dad Runs On Field To Tackle Ref After Call He Didn’t Like

Soccer moms tend to get the rough end of the stick when it comes to being the villain of youth soccer. While the mothers of the world are easy targets, some of the worst people at youth soccer games are the dads. A dad in California wins Asshole of the Day for tackling a referee during a U16 game over a call he didn’t like.

Inexplicable Red Card In Italy Restarts Rumors Of Serie A Match Fixing

It's been 15 years since news of Italy's major match-fixing scandal shocked the footballing world. Calciopoli, as the scandal became known, involved five Serie A sides (namely Juventus) paying off anyone and everyone to influence things like refereeing selections and calls made on the field.

Gianluigi Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini and Zlatan Ibrahimovic — members of Juventus at the time and all still in Serie A — will certainly remember those dark days of Italian football, as well as the subsequent match-fixing scandal that came to light in 2011.