What Is It Like To Watch El Clasico In Barcelona?

By: Casey Rhine

Ohhhh El Clásico, where to begin. One of soccer's most heated, yet most deeply cherished rivalries.Few of you readers get to experience El Clasico, in Barcelona, while it's happening. This was my mission on December 23rd and should be your mission on May 6th if you are not lucky enough to go to the game in the Camp Nou.

FIFA Opens Investigation Into Brazil-Argentina Fiasco

MANCHESTER, England - FIFA is investigating the abandonment of the Brazil-Argentina World Cup qualifier with its president Gianni Infantino labelling the events "crazy,” while Tottenham Hotspur are reportedly ready to take disciplinary action against their Argentine players.

Brazilian health authorities intervened on Sunday after accusing four Argentine Premier League players of violating the country's COVID-19 quarantine rules.

Mexican National Team Players Prove Olympic ‘Anti-Sex’ Beds Can Handle A Lusty Olympic Boink

The idea of sex in the Olympic village was taboo for a while but is now a well-known occurrence. When news spread that this year's Olympic beds were partly made of cardboard, rumors spread that this was imposed to discourage athletes from doing the dirty. Several athletes and players from Mexico’s Olympic soccer squad have debunked the Olympic anti-sex bed rumors. The Mexico national team Olympic bed video has since gone viral.

The Groundhopper's Guide To Lower League Soccer Stadiums In The United States

Most sports fans in the United States think of summer as the season for baseball, but the warmest months of the year are also the perfect time to attend a professional soccer match — and there's no shortage of teams.

As Major League Baseball continues to cut minor league teams, the decline of professional baseball in the country becomes more prominent. But not so with soccer.

Yate De Lujo, Georgina Y Los Niños: Las Vacaciones Bajo El Sol De Cristiano Ronaldo

Las últimas imágenes de Cristiano Ronaldo, dentro de un campo en esta temporada, ocurrieron el pasado 27 de junio. Ese día la selección de Portugal fue eliminada de la Euro a manos de Bélgica y CR7 era una bola de frustración, que tiraba la jineta de capitán al piso, lleno de rabia e impotencia. Horas después, sin embargo, el jugador entraba en modo zen para poder disfrutar de una merecidas vacaciones junto a su novia Georgina Rodríguez y sus hijos, Crisitano Junior, Alana Martina y los gemelos Eva y Mateo.

Solomon Islands League Produces One Of The Cleanest Volleys This World Has Ever Seen

The Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) is the forgotten child of the soccer world. The only time fans really hear about the OFC is when it sends New Zealand to a World Cup qualifying playoff that it loses nine times out of ten, or the Oceania team that gets sent to the Confederations Cup.

Anyone else remember when poor Tahiti was forced to play Spain, Uruguay and Nigeria at the 2013 Confederations Cup? It takes a special team to finish with a -23 goal differential after three games.

MLS Hardest League in the World?? Higuaín Can't Keep Up

Former Argentinian forward Gonzalo Higuaín had low expectations coming to MLS but now is learning to respect the competition. The 33-year-old exclaimed he expected to play with a cigarette in his mouth, it was going to be that easy.

Through seven matches in the 2021 MLS season, Higuaín has four goals and one assist. He was quoted on Christain Vieri's Twitch live stream a few days ago saying, "I thought I would come to MLS and play with a cigarette in my mouth and instead it is difficult."

What Would You Ask Pulisic If You Had One Question? Well, Here’s What My Goofy Ass Asked

Imagine you get to ask the first American male to win the UEFA Champions League one singular question. What would you ask? Christian Pulisic is sitting there on the other end of the Zoom call staring into your soul awaiting your question. The pressure is on.

This was the situation I found myself in on Wednesday. Concacaf was kind enough to give me — an aspiring 22-year-old sports media graduate who just finished college last month — media accreditation to attend Nations League press conferences and the semifinal matches.

Chaos Looms Over World Cup Qualifiers With Clubs Refusing To Release Players

MANCHESTER - Next week's World Cup qualifying games in Europe and beyond are set to be heavily affected by clubs refusing to release players for international duty, COVID-19 quarantines and travel restrictions.

Inter Milan announced on Thursday that all of their players will be pulled out of international duty after two more positive COVID-19 cases at the club.