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18 European Clubs With Famous Fans

Here are some of the most famous celebrity soccer fans of these 18 coveted European clubs: 

Ranking The Cutest Kids Of Football Stars

After months of research and sleepless nights filled with pacing and contemplation, I have finally been able to compile a comprehensive list ranking the top 10 kids of football stars.

Top 10 Football Players Kids

These 18 Pro Footballer's Celebrity Doppelgängers Will Blow Your Mind

Even though it is rare to actually have an identical twin, we often have that person who exists in the world that looks like us. That long lost almost twin who looks somehow like we were separated at birth. We've done some digging and found these unsuspecting professional footballer celebrity doppelgängers. Below are 18 pairs of twins that will make your head spin.

Side By Side Photos Of Footballers At World Cups Through The Years

Four years is a good amount of time for a person to change.

So I decided to take a look at players who have played in a lot of World Cups and see their evolution every time they played in the world’s greatest competition. I picked welll known players in football (and DaMarcus Beasley for the USMNT fans) and what I learned was this:

Footballers Who Look Like They Might Be Totally Stoned

We did this last year, and we're doing it again because it's funny. Feast your eyes:

Bayern Munich’s Title Celebrations Were Refreshingly Endearing

For the sixth straight season, Bayern Munich is the Bundesliga champion, clinching the league crown with five matches to play after a 4-1 win over Augsburg on Saturday. But more than any other celebrations we’ve seen this year, the Bayern Munich title celebrations were endearing and heartfelt, despite this being nothing new for Die Roten