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Abba, A 100 Foot Cliff And Unreal Tekkers: This Caracas FC Training Video Is Everything

Sometimes, we forget just how talented professional soccer players really are. Critics write off league’s outside of Western Europe as “farmer’s leagues” absent of any technical skill or prowess, and they could not be more wrong.

As proof, I bring you La Liga Venezolana. Here, apparently, the world’s best soccer players have all gone into hiding. At least that is what it looks like from this training video released by Caracas FC, which pairs some impressive technique with the most immaculate vibes I have ever seen. 

Orbelín Pineda Visita La Acrópolis, Eleva Su Cosmos Y Anota Su Primer Gol Con El AEK

Después de seis meses de sombras, la vida parece volver a sonreírle a Orbelín Pineda. El Maguito dejó el Celta de Vigo y bajo la tutela de Matías Almeyda comienza a florecer en el AEK de Grecia. De hecho, el seleccionado mexicano hoy acaba de anotar su primer gol junto a su nuevo club.

Que haya ocurrido la misma semana que visitó la Acrópolis de Atenas, no sé, no parece coincidencia. Quizás Pineda haya elevado su cosmos a la Saint Seiya y este gol sea resultado de sus nuevos poderes.

Coward Soccer Player Arrested After Punching Female Ref In The Face Over A Yellow Card

"I fell and I don't remember anything else. When I got up, I was dizzy and nauseous. Nothing like this has ever happened to me."

The quote belongs to Dalma Cortadi, an Argentinian referee who was brutally attacked by a male player on Sunday during a regional game between Deportivo Independencia and Deportivo Garmense in the city of Tres Arroyos. 

Equipo Argentino Captura Gol Con Un Drone Y La Secuencia Es Poesía Para Tus Ojos

Belgrano de Córdoba vive una campaña llena de éxito en la Primera Nacional o Nacional B de Argentina. El equipo es puntero, se ilusiona con el ascenso a la división de honor y en el camino va creando una narrativa de momentos imborrables para sus aficionados. Y un ejemplo de esto último es la fantástica captura desde un drone del gol que convirtió el delantero Pablo Vegetti en el empate 1-1 ante Independiente Rivadavia, el pasado 27 de julio.

Five U-21 Premier League Players You Need To Watch This Season

The Premier League breeds some of the best young talents of any league in the world. Youth academy stars are given a chance with the first team, and quite often, they stay. As we get closer to the start of the Premier League season, here are five players 20 years old and under, that you need to pay attention to this season.

Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Release Trailer For ‘Welcome To Wrexham’ Series

The Welcome to Wrexham trailer was released Wednesday ahead of the show's premiere on Aug. 24 on FX and Hulu, and I'll be damned if it isn't just a reality version of Ted Lasso. Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are working toward the same goals at Wrexham AFC as Ted at AFC Richmond, and the beautiful thing is that Reynolds and McElhenney have approached their ownership of the club with the same sort of genuine passion and engagement. Here's the synopsis.    

Brazilian Wizard Toys Around With Opponent, Destroys Him With A Nutmeg And Scores A Golazo

You probably didn't get up today thinking about the Cambodian League 2, but a ludicrous goal from Brazilian forward Bruno Wellington Krenkel will make you spare it a few seconds. 

Spectacular Bruno Krenkel goal in Cambodia

A 23-year-old globetrotter, Bruno landed last February in the Cambodian side Next Step FC after short stints in Malta and Thailand. Although the team is not doing fantastic, the talented Brazilian has started to show the magic that lives on his feet. 

El "Ardiente Deseo" De Matías Almeyda: ¿Cómo Ven En Grecia La Llegada De Orbelín Pineda Al AEK?

Después de semanas y semanas de incertidumbre, el futuro de Orbelín Pineda es claro y oficial: desde este viernes, el Maguito es jugador del AEK de Atenas. Al menos por la temporada 2022-23.

La llegada del seleccionado mexicano fue anunciada en las redes sociales del equipo griego, donde se reencontrará con un viejo conocido, el técnico argentino Matías Almeyda.

Penalty Kick That Went Over Throw-In Line Goes Viral, Raises Suspicion Of Match Fixing

Nigerian team Remo Stars FC is under suspicion of match fixing after losing the final of a regional tournament in a surreal penalty shootout. The argument to make the case? A video in which you can see the club's goalkeeper not even trying to save their opponents' shots and another player sending his PK straight to the throw-in line. 

Match fixing penalty shootout accusations in Nigeria

After a scoreless 90 minutes, Remo Stars FC had to decide the title of the Ogun State FA Cup final against Ijebu United from the spot. And there, things got dodgy since the first shot.