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Wintry Arctic Blast Causes Football Chaos Throughout UK

The UK was hit by a wintry blast from the Arctic this weekend as Storm Arwen brought high winds, freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall across the nation, while England and the Premier League experienced the brunt of it on Sunday.

The weather disrupted football matches across the land, most notably at Turf Moor as Burnley and Tottenham’s match was called off less than an hour before kickoff.

Burnley manager Sean Dyche, despite appearing pitch-side to monitor the situation in only a dress shirt, agreed with the decision.

Benfica Game Abandoned After COVID-Hit Opponents Start With 9 Players, Including 2 GKs

LISBON - Benfica's Primeira Liga match at Belenenses on Saturday was abandoned amid extraordinary scenes after their COVID-19-hit opponents were forced to name a team of nine players — including two goalkeepers.

Benfica took advantage of their numerical superiority to rack up seven goals by halftime before Belenenses returned with only seven players for the second period.

Nightmare Mistake In The Back From Flamengo Sends Palmeiras To Copa Libertadores Crown

Deyverson, a 30-year-old forward who has played in Portugal, Germany, Spain and Brazil, may have scored the biggest goal of his career on Saturday in Montevideo, Uruguay. Deyverson pounced on a horrible miscue from the Flamengo defense to help Palmeiras lift the 2021 Copa Libertadores trophy after a 2-1 win in extra time.

Bayern’s Trip To Snowy Kyiv Was Full Of Beauty, Pain

There’s something about snow that brings out both the beauty and the pain of this world. Few things in life are more beautiful than watching frozen water crystals fall to the Earth, transforming the landscape. Few things in life are more painful than taking a blow to the crotch in below-freezing weather, altering your entire world view. Few things in life are more beautiful than a perfectly executed bicycle kick; few things in life are more painful than a complete whiff by a goalkeeper. 

Last Week Was Great If You Are A Fan Of Outrageous Own Goals

Often called "The World's Game," soccer is a ubiquitous sport that is often loved for its distinct regional flavor. Brazilians love to dribble, Englishmen relish a crunching tackle and the Italians always prize their gamesmanship.

Fans from all of these countries can appreciate — in varying degrees — a fingertip save, a great dribbling move or a top-corner goal. The responses to those plays sometimes differ, but few events in a match can elicit the type of feelings that consistently follow an absurd own goal.

Outrage In Scotland As Player Gets Sent Off After Being Pushed By Opposing Fan

Disappointment followed the first Aberdeen corner of the match, as the low outswinger at the end of the first half failed to make it past the first line of Dundee United defenders. Aberdeen's Funso Ojo chased after the loose ball and attempted to play it back to the corner kick taker, but under pressure, his miscued pass went over the end line for a goal kick.

Mesut Özil Wins Squid Game (AKA The Intercontinental Derby)

Sunday’s Intercontinental Derby between Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe featured two sides that are struggling to keep pace with the top of the Süper Lig, but it’s always a monumental occasion when the European side of Istanbul clashes with the Asian. 

The scene at Galatasaray’s NEF Stadium was electric before kick-off, with players entering the pitch to one of this season’s greatest tifos. If there’s a contest going on without a reference to Squid Game these days, did a contest really even take place?