Unreal Shithousing Leads To Straight Red Card At NCAA Tournament

Straight from the go I should admit that I did not watch Sunday’s NCAA Men’s Soccer Tournament second round match between Duke and UCLA.

By looking at the box score I can, however, deduce exactly what happened. It’s a tale as old as time.

Duke, the No. 7-ranked team in the tournament, was the favorite and hosting the match at Koskinen Stadium in Durham, North Carolina. But with its first and only shot on target of the match, UCLA took the lead in the ninth minute.

Brazilian Player Appears To Be Cosplaying A Droideka From Star Wars With Outrageous Flop

Santos defeated Red Bull Bragantino 2-0 in Brazil’s top flight on Wednesday for an upset victory. Santos scored its second goal in the final minute of the game from the penalty spot. The call for the penalty came after an immaculate Marinho flop.

Marinho Flop Vs. Bragantino

‘There Was Contact’ Has Been Eradicated Thanks To Latest EPL Rule Changes

What’s your lasting memory of the 2020-21 Premier League season? Is it Zack Steffen lifting the trophy to the heavens? Or is it Bruno Fernandes wheeling away from a penalty, mouth agape in celebration with enough room for a large cantaloupe? Or maybe it’s Jorginho hopping, skipping and prancing to the spot before necking the Chelsea badge?

One thing’s for certain — there were way, way, way too many penalties last year, giving rise to one of the most odious sentences in all of football: “There was contact.”

94th-Minute Penalty Call Between Vancouver And Minnesota Is What You’d Call Controversial

Cristian Dájome drew a penalty in stoppage-time of the second half, then calmly stepped to the spot and drove home the penalty kick to keep the Vancouver Whitecaps from a defeat in Saturday night's 2-2 draw with Minnesota United at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah.

Dájome appeared to suffer a leg injury on the kick, but he converted. He got the chance when Minnesota's Ethan Finlay made contact with the hard-charging Dájome in the box, and, after a short video review, the call was upheld.

World Tells England To Stop Lecturing On Diving After Soft As Charmin Penalty

LONDON - While England exulted at reaching a first major final since 1966, there was increasing outcry abroad over the penalty awarded for a foul on Raheem Sterling in extra time to give them a 2-1 win over Denmark in their Euro 2020 semifinal.

An array of media and football figures joined Danish fans in condemning the penalty as too cheap for such a big game, some saying England's haughty views on diving looked hypocritical in view of Sterling's tumble at the lightest of touches.

FC Barcelona's New Home Kits Are Gross

FC Barcelona released new home kits for the 2021-2022 La Liga season and they're chaotically terrible. The new shirts appear as if the creators never agreed on a set design and continued the fight throughout the process.

With Barcelona being in severe debt, we should have assumed the new kits would be this bad. They feature verticle traditional blaugrana stripes and a new design inspired by the team crest. With tons of stripes and lots of colors, these kits fail to impress.

These Footballers Are Sharing Their Most Gut-Wrenching Fails, And Even We Are Feeling The Shame

It was a foggy Saturday morning soccer match and I was defending the goal spectating the action going on the field. I had stopped a few shots earlier in the match and my confidence was quickly rising. Thoughts raced through my head, realizing that I was about to officially record my first clean sheet of the season. Then as clear as day the ball was passed to me, and as I went to stop it with my foot it slowly but surely skipped right below my outstretched foot and into the awaiting net behind me.