FIFA World Cup (Men's)

How The Women's World Cup Works: A Guide For Everyone

In many ways, the Women’s World Cup is a lot like its male counterpart. In many ways, it isn’t. So with the tournament set to arrive this summer in France, we thought we’d explain how the Women's World Cup works in 2019.

The men’s World Cup has been around since 1930, but the women’s World Cup didn’t start until 1991. The men’s World Cup has 32 teams, the women’s just 24. The U.S. sucks at the men’s World Cup; the U.S. dominates at the Women’s World Cup.

Why Olympic Men’s Soccer Has An Age Limit

The reason you won’t see some of the best men's soccer players at the Olympics is sort of peculiar. In order to preserve the status of the World Cup as the greatest international event for men’s soccer, an Olympic soccer age limit was instituted for the men's tournament.

The men's Olympic soccer tournament only features players under 23 years old, with three exceptions for each country. 

Mexico Is Seriously Trying To Get Its Women’s Team To Serve Punishment Incurred By Men’s Team

On June 18, FIFA finally handed down a meaningful sanction to the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), requiring Mexico to play its next two home games without fans because of continued use of a homophobic chant during matches. Now the FMF is trying to pull a fast one and make its women’s team serve the punishment. 


La Historia De La Icónica Camiseta Azul De Argentina En El Mundial De México 1986

Por estos días en Argentina se recuerdan los 35 años del título en la Copa del Mundo de 1986. Solo ayer, de hecho, el día se consagró al ilustre doblete de Diego Armando Maradona sobre los ingleses.

La Mano de Dios...

FIFA Finally Grows A Pair And Punishes Mexico For Homophobic Chants From Fans

FIFA finally stepped in (not like Concacaf was going to) and punished Mexico for the continuous homophobic chants from fans on Friday. On top of a $65,000 fine, Mexico will be forced to play its first two home games of World Cup qualifying without fans. Officially, the punishment is due to the chants heard during Olympic qualifying.

CONCACAF After Dark Hits Different, Just Watch This Unreal Blunder From Haiti

Round two of Concacaf World Cup qualifying wrapped up on Tuesday and featured one of the worst own goals you'll ever see at the professional level. This Haiti own goal will leave you lost for words.

Six Concacaf Teams Advanced From Round 1 Of WCQ; Here's The Threat They Pose To The USMNT

The first round of Concacaf World Cup qualifying is in the books. In March a total of 30 nations —29 if you account for Saint Lucia withdrawing — battled for six precious spots. On Tuesday, the final qualifying games were played as six nations punched their tickets for round two of Concacaf World Cup qualifying.

If you need a refresher on Concacaf’s World Cup qualifying format, then I recommend the video below. The dates aren’t accurate — you can thank Covid for that — but the format remains the same.

Argentina Suffers Dramatic Collapse In 2-2 Draw With Colombia

Argentina drew 2-2 with Colombia in World Cup qualifying on Tuesday night at El Metro in Barranquilla after Los Cafeteros were able to snatch an equalizer with the game’s final attack. 

The detective work done by all neutrals when watching this Albiceleste side is to determine how much progress has been made since the nervy, need-a-Messi-hat-trick-on-the-final-day 2018 qualifying cycle, but it remains difficult to say. 

The difference between the two cycles after six games is just one point (although it’s a positive point). 

USMNT Fans No Longer Have To Sleep With One Eye Open; Trinidad Has Been Slain

The past weekend was about as good as it gets for USMNT fans. The result top of mind will be the exhilarating, tumultuous triumph against Mexico in the Concacaf Nations League final. But there was another interesting result that happened in the Caribbean that American fans might have missed.

Trinidad and Tobago has been eliminated from World Cup contention.

36-Year-Old India Captain Sunil Chhetri Moves Back Above Messi In International Scoring Chart

Last Thursday, the world’s second-most populated country once again failed to qualify for the World Cup. India had never managed the feat before, and a 1-0 defeat to Qatar confirmed that 2022 wouldn’t mark a maiden voyage for the Blue Tigers.

But there’s one contest that India might yet win, and that’s the personal battle between 36-year-old captain Sunil Chhetri and six-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi.