Watch Liverpool Players Try To Train Some Good Dogs

The dogs are good, but some of them are not so good at being trained to do stuff by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Of course Alberto Moreno is the best Liverpool player at training dogs. Alberto Moreno is like if a dog was a person. With this and his miniature golf domination of Firmino and Coutinho earlier this season, Moreno is quickly filling the "extremely good at random LFCTV competitions" void left by Lucas's departure (see the Fair Day obliteration for more details on that).

We would like to see more teams do these sorts of dog-related challenges. For example, how would Porto, Liverpool's Champions League round of 16 opponents, fare in dog-handling? What about the other big Premier League clubs? We need answers! And dogs!

Dogs are winners where content is concerned, and it's time more teams realized this. Everybody likes dogs. Heck, that's the only reason I'm writing this article, for the click bump generated by the cute dogs. They are all good dogs. Please click.

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