Minnesota United Channeled Bayern Munich With A Great Team Goal

Minnesota United scored a go-ahead goal against Oklahoma City that featured 29 passes in a buildup in which all 11 players touched the ball.

Who knew the likes of Minnesota United could pull off a goal like this? All 11 players touched the ball, with 29 passes total.

The goal itself was like a slow-building novel, all back story and tedious history that totally switches gears and heats up at the climax to the point where it's like you're reading a completely different book, or seeing a completely different soccer team, or whatever.

This is the "Frankenstein" of team goals.

At the time of the scoring, the game was tied 1-1 and was already in extra time, so this figured to be the winner. And what a winner it would have been if Oklahoma City hadn't scored immediately after on a fluky header. Such is life.

(H/T Top Drawer Soccer)

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