This Assist Is Hands Down The Best Pass Of International Break

Ezgjan Alioski’s assist for Macedonia is probably the highlight of November’s international window.

While the rest of the world watched the playoff between Denmark and Ireland, the tail end of qualifying in Africa or one of Saturday’s more glamorous friendlies, Macedonia (the world’s 85th ranked side) defeated Norway (58) 2-0 in a friendly with goals coming from Goran Pandev and Kire Markoski.

The first, finished by Genoa forward Pandev, was made possible following a wonderful assist from Ezgjan Alioski, a 25-year-old winger who plays for Leeds United. 

While we’ve been treated to some absolute grinds in the inter-continental and UEFA World Cup playoffs so far, this piece of quality is undoubtedly the best thing we’ve seen over the past week.

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