A Referee Made A Facebook Page To Explain His Decisions. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Mohammed Al-Hakim might be the bravest referee in the world. Al-Hakim, who works in the Swedish top division, has created a Facebook page where he explains various decisions he made during matches.

Ostensibly, this sounds like a grand idea, a way for referees to better connect with fans and perhaps come to some kind of understanding. Case in point: the long and we're sure (although we can't read Swedish) well explained post below:

Ref On Facebook

Unfortunately, this is the Internet, where there is no such thing as "some kind of understanding." But there are such things as trolls. Next case in point, below:

Ref Facebook Criticism

And that's just one of 24 comments on that particular post. Ouch.

Don't get us wrong. We hope this works, but it's a long shot. Sweden, where the fans aren't as bloodthirsty as, say South America, is probably a good place to try it out. Don't expect every ref to have a Facebook page in the future, though. The trolls are out there.

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