Arsenal vs. Sutton Was Exactly The Spectacle Everyone Wanted It To Be

All eyes were on Sutton's Gander Green Lane, where the home side emerged winners, even though they actually lost.

Sutton vs. Arsenal is not a thing anyone expected to happen at the start of the FA Cup, but after beating Cheltenham, Leeds United and Wimbledon, Sutton forced mighty Arsenal to come face them at Gander Green Lane. And man, they put on a show.

You just knew this wouldn't be an ordinary match when a man clad in just his undies and a giraffe hat ran onto the pitch.

The giraffe-head pitch invader was great, but the Man of the Match was undoubtedly Sutton's 46-year-old, 280 lb. backup goalkeeper, Wayne Shaw.


Shaw was everywhere, even vacuuming the dugouts before the match.

He also made an appearance at the stadium bar at halftime.

Plus, he ate a pie.

Here's Shaw eating the pie again, because what a moment!

Wayne Shaw forever. Do we care that it looks like a tabloid newspaper might have paid somebody (hopefully Shaw) for Shaw to do this? No. No we do not care, not even a little bit. If Shaw could get somebody to pay him money to eat a sandwich, he's even more of a hero than we thought he was. Get that money while you can.

Oh yeah, and Arsenal won 2-0, with Theo Walcott scoring his 100th goal for the club. If you ask us, though, Sutton are the real winners.

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