Kellogg’s and Hummel combine forces to create stunning cereal-themed kits

Kellogg’s Japan and Hummel Japan made waves in the streetwear universe when the two brands collabed to create a cereal-themed soccer kit.

This reminds us of when the two random kids in class get paired to do a project and they proceed to create a masterpiece. Who would’ve thought that cereal and soccer would create such a beautiful duo?

Hummel Kellogg’s kits

Hummel Kellogg's kits

Hummel Kellogg's kits

We want a transfer to play for Kellogg’s United right now.

Both kits stunning, but the cream colored one takes the cake for us. These are instant classics.

The kits aren’t the only items created in this soccer-cereal collaboration as corn flakes sneakers are also on the market.

Hummel Kellogg's kits

Take a bow Hummel and Kellogg’s, you’ve outdone yourselves with these.

Items including the sneakers and green kits are on sale via Hummel’s online store.

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