Wendie Renard Has FIFA Trophy Taken

Wendie Renard, one of the best center backs in the game, has lost a major trophy, apparently stolen from her suitcase on a train.

Renard, a France and Lyon powerhouse defender (and goal scorer), was on a train from Paris to Lyon when she left one of her suitcases on the train. When the 29-year-old returned to the station to retrieve the bag, the SNCF train staff returned the suitcase with just one of the two trophies in the bag.

The Wendie Renard trophy stolen was one awarded to her for being named to FIFA’s Team of the Year. She posted to Twitter asking for the trophy to be returned.

Renard has been named to the FIFA Women’s World XI each of the last four years it’s been awarded, the only player who can say that. Renard did not specify which year’s trophy was stolen, but from the photo she used in her tweet, it appears it was from 2019.

Embed from Getty Images

Who steals someone’s trophy like that, when it’s obvious to whom it belongs? One hopes Renard gets her trophy back or FIFA gives her a replacement.

Either way, she’ll probably get another one next year.

Lyon’s next match is Jan. 12 against Marseille in the Coupe de France Round of 32.

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