Watch the moment Son realizes he’s been saying his teammate's name wrong

Tottenham’s Son Heung-min had a humorous reaction when a Dutch reporter told him he was saying Micky van de Ven’s name wrong. Van de Ven is Tottenham’s Dutch center back who joined the club this summer.

Son and van de Ven have played seven games together so far this season and the star forward is still getting the name down. Son had accidentally been calling him “van de Vic” instead of “van de Ven.”

Here was the Son van de Ven moment with the media when a reporter alerted Son of the mispronunciation.

Son van de Ven name mix-up

There’s something about that “oh wow!” from Son that perfectly captures his character. He’s just a downright good guy.

His English is exceptionally well, and the name mix-up was just a slight slip.

Soccer fans on Reddit were quick to point out that Son is doing a much better job at getting names right than some Dutch media. There was a clip from several years ago when an ass-hat Dutch pundit didn’t even know if Son was Chinese, Japanese or Korean and said “they’re all the same.”

Son is too classy for assholes like this.

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