Hilarious Assistant Referee Keeps Himself And Flag In Top Form

Tanzanian assistant referee Frank Komba isn’t letting anything come between himself and his linesman duties. Komba — like most of us — is stuck inside his home and unable to officiate any matches. When games resume, he won’t be at all rusty thanks to his at-home training.

VAR has nothing on Komba.

In the future if a play gets called back, the center referee should just go to Komba because he and his flag can do no wrong.

Depending on how long the stay-at-home measures last, the Tanzanian assistant referee could come out of this as the fastest referee in all of football. Even faster than the one assistant referee who ran for his life when Aston Villa fans stormed the pitch.

Hopefully Komba will return to the sideline soon as we all await the return of football.

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