Monaco’s Tiémoué Bakayoko Forgets Number During Match And Tries To Sub Himself Off

Look, we've all been there. We've accidentally walked into the wrong work cubicle after moving a few weeks prior, went to the wrong classroom after the start of a new semester or called our significant other by our ex's name (hopefully this one doesn't happen too often).

We become so used to doing something that we just do it on autopilot. That's what happened to the ever-confusing player that is Tiémoué Bakayoko on Saturday.

Once dubbed the future holding midfielder partner of N'Golo Kante at Chelsea, the French international is now on loan with Monaco for the season.

With Monaco, he wears the No. 6 jersey. But for years prior, he wore the No. 14 for AC Milan, Chelsea and during an earlier stint with Monaco. Hell, both his Instagram and Twitter handles have the number 14 in them.

So can we blame the guy for thinking he was getting subbed off when the number 14 appeared on the board?

At least Bakayoko had a good laugh about it, because all of footballing world is laughing about it too.

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