Thierry Henry blasts a free kick into Micah Richards' face during CBS UCL coverage

The two early matches of Wednesday's UEFA Champions League action delivered plenty of drama with Inter Milan beating Viktoria Plzeň 4-0 to condemn Barcelona to the Europa League and Porto beating Club Brugge to put Atlético in a similar position, but the highlight of CBS Sports' coverage was from its ongoing "Destination Brooklyn" viewing party.

The Champions League Today crew of Kate Abdo, Peter Schmeichel, Thierry Henry, Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards joined U.S. talent (Charlie Davies, Maurice Edu, Clint Dempsey and Midge Purce) on a mini-pitch to share some of its collective wisdom.

All of the talking and instruction eventually ended with action.

First, Thierry Henry, after hyping things up to the extreme, saw his free kick repelled by the face of Big Meeks. The former Manchester City defender gave it everything — jumping and sacrificing his glasses in the process.

Clint Dempsey didn't do much better, and stay tuned for Purce's penalty attempt with Big Meeks in goal that flies into the bay. 

We also got a course on the handball rule.

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