America’s New Favorite Pastime Is Roasting NBC For Putting EPL Games On Peacock

It’s nearly a weekly ritual this season. There’s a big slate of Premier League matches on the weekend and NBC decision makers pick which matches go on TV and which matches are thrown into the abyss of streaming services. NBC then posts these spineless choices onto social media and I gawk at the hate-filled comments and replies.

This week, it’s the North London Derby and a Liverpool match that get the shaft, and as usual the fireworks followed.

It seemed like, for a couple weeks over the Thanksgiving holidays, NBC was actually showing most of the big games on TV. But alas all good things with NBC this year must end almost immediately, as the network has decided not to air a single Premier League match on Sunday, despite the defending champions, the current league leader and everyone’s (read: my) favorite team all in action. 

It's startlingly tone deaf for NBC’s social accounts to continue to post these weekend schedules with such excitement when they know everyone is just going to shit on the media corporation for putting every good match on Peacock Premium, which costs an extra $100 per year on top of what soccer fans are already paying for their cable TV subscription, which in the past included all big Premier League games. You can’t even rewind or record on Peacock and many TVs can’t display the streaming service, making these decisions a giant “FUCK YOU” to soccer fans in the U.S.

So what is NBC showing on Sunday instead of the NLD and Liverpool-Wolves? On the bright side we’ll get two Women’s Super League matches at 7:30 a.m. ET (Chelsea-West Ham) and 9:30 a.m. ET (Everton-Man City), but those will be over by the time first-place Tottenham takes on Europa League giant Arsenal at 11:30 a.m. ET and the Reds host the Wolves shortly thereafter. But instead NBCSN will show more of that Mecum Auto shit. NBC meanwhile will air a PGA golf tournament that is sure to put your dad to sleep.  

Here’s a small collection of some of the replies and comments about NBC’s greedy program scheduling, which have become weekly reading for me.

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