Pittsburgh advances in NCAA soccer tournament by playing dead

When put in a situation of extreme adversity, there's no better plan of action than feigning death. I've read all the leadership books and they all agree that playing possum is the most effective form of self-help. Just wait enough time and all your problems will leave you alone. 

If you're talented enough, it's also an effective strategy out on the pitch.

On Saturday during an NCAA women's soccer tournament first round meeting between the Pittsburgh Panthers and Buffalo Bulls, Pitt's senior forward Leah Pais put on a master class in apparent death — escaping attention and remaining undetected until the vital moment. It was the game-winner.

This is Pitt's first-ever appearance in the tournament, and their journey continues in the second round Friday against Georgetown. 

The first round saw some great goals fly in around the country, including this stunner from Molly McLaughlin in Xavier's 4-1 upset of Tennessee.  

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