Mykhailo Mudryk brings his cat to Euros with amazing custom shin guards

Do you remember those old Dos Equis commercials with “the most interesting man in the world” guy? Ukraine and Chelsea star Mykhailo Mudryk is like the soccer version of that as you never know what he’s going to do next.

The latest thing the Ukraine forward has garnered attention for are the Mudryk cat shin guards. Yes, the 23-year-old has custom shin guards with his cat’s face on them.

Mudryk cat shin guards

We’re not even sure if you can call those “shin guards” as maybe 15% of his shin is actually protected. They’re closer to the size of an AirPods case than they are to anything else.

Mudryk’s cat, Ronik, has made several appearances on the soccer star’s Instagram as he and his feline friend have a great bond.

Now the two pals are on Europe’s biggest international stage together.

Unfortunately, the cat shin guards don’t seem to be Mudryk’s good luck charm as the Chelsea forward hasn’t looked great in his first two games. A good summary of his tournament through two games is the miss he had against Slovakia.

At least he has the coolest shin guards in the tournament.

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