The Mewis Sisters Entertain Us With Their Cute Doggos On IG Live

Sam Mewis and her sister Kristie Mewis go live on Instagram and they definitely know how to entertain. The first few minutes they show off their adorable puppies. Sam decided to adopt a puppy named Finn Mewis because what better time to have a cute fluffer than when you are stuck at home for weeks.

The Mewis sisters answer IG live questions and reminisce over their endless one-on-one matches in their backyard when they were younger, and they talk about how they were supposed to be facing each other on opposing NWSL teams this past Sunday. Sam Mewis plays for the North Carolina Courage and Kristie Mewis plays for the Houston Dash. Despite their competitive mindsets, they are always rooting for each other and occasionally throw some friendly sibling banter when they play each other. 

If you are looking for some laughs, inside facts about the Mewis sisters and the NWSL or you just want to see cute puppies, definitely check out their live streams!


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