Brazilian Player Appears To Be Cosplaying A Droideka From Star Wars With Outrageous Flop

Santos defeated Red Bull Bragantino 2-0 in Brazil’s top flight on Wednesday for an upset victory. Santos scored its second goal in the final minute of the game from the penalty spot. The call for the penalty came after an immaculate Marinho flop.

Marinho Flop Vs. Bragantino

The Bragantino defender did make contact with Marinho, so I guess it can’t technically be labeled as a “flop” due to the penalty being given by the referee. The dramatic roll still deserves some sort of award.

If you have watched the Star Wars prequels or played Star Wars Battlefront, then you are well-versed in the mechanics of our good friend the Droideka.

Marinho has one mean impression of the CIS beasts and should’ve attempted to get a role in the prequel movies. Missed opportunities, Marinho.

Besides turning into a droid, Marinho had quite the game. The Brazilian forward scored his first goal for Santos in four months and couldn’t hold back the tears as his scoring drought ended.

The victory has Santos five points clear of relegation at the moment with several games still needing to be played. Santos has six games left on its schedule.

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