Must watch: Hilarious viral clip of UK comedian’s slow motion soccer celebration is perfect

Comedian Karl Porter went ultra-viral on Wednesday after a clip of his slow motion soccer celebration act spread on the internet. During his comedy set the UK comedian asked the crowd if they wanted to see his goal celebration.

He absolutely nailed it.

Avid soccer fans have seen so many clips of professional players scoring goals and wheeling off in celebration. Then when we see the replay, we get the slomo version of the celly.

Porter has been studying hard because that was perfect form on that header, knee slide and facial expressions.

Karl Porter slow motion goal celebration

The clip on his Instagram is already nearing 30 million views while it has millions more on Twitter, TikTok and Facebook.

He even got a comment from the official Premier League account on his Instagram post.

Karl Porter slow motion goal celebration

Excellent work Mr. Porter. We expect him to sign with Luton Town in the coming days.

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