Arsenal Faces Tidal Wave Of Backlash For Cutting Beloved Mascot Gunnersaurus After 27 Years

This was the last straw for several Arsenal supporters.

Arsenal’s iconic mascot is no more. In August the club announced that it was going to layoff 55 employees because of monetary losses due to the pandemic. It has been revealed that Gunnersaurus — Arsenal’s loving sideline dinosaur since 1993 — has also been let go, per The Athletic.

The role of Gunnersaurus was deemed no longer necessary amid a fan-less Emirates Stadium. Lifelong Arsenal fan Jerry Quy was the man inside the suit, and his untimely departure created a whirlwind of empathy and anger on social media.

The irony of the extinct creature’s dismissal is brutal. Fans learned of Arsenal’s decision to part ways with Gunnersaurus on the same day that the London club could spend millions of dollars on transfer targets like Thomas Partey.

A GoFundMe titled “Save Gunnersaurus” has already been set up and accumulated over $1,500 in an eight-hour span. 

Arsenal has yet to comment on its decision to kick Gunnersaurus to the curb.

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