Kevin De Bruyne assists even when out injured after appearing as co-writer on Drake song

Soccer and music fans were incredibly confused when “K. De Bruyne” appeared as one of the written credits on Drake’s new song “Wick Man.” Did Kevin De Bruyne write a Drake song?

While the crossover would be amazing, the Belgian spoke on social media joking that Drake needed his assistance. After all, who better in the world is there for an assist?

Did Kevin De Bruyne write a Drake song?

The 32-year-old Manchester City midfielder admitted that it wasn’t him writing the song and it was all a coincidence.

Nobody has figured out yet who the real “K. De Bruyne” is that helped with Drake’s tune. 

De Bruyne, the soccer player, has had plenty of free time on his hands after suffering a major hamstring injury in City’s first Premier League game of the season. With all those spare months spent recovering, it’s not too far-fetched to think he could delve into the music scene.

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