Hilarious Bloopers And Open-Goal Misses From The 2019-20 Season

In a season already filled with insanity, it’s no surprise that there's also been a slew of hilarious and outrageous surprises on the pitch.

Now, most of us would agree that we put professional athletes on a pedestal where they can do no wrong and everything they do is perfect, but what if I told you the 2019-20 season — in all of its absurd glory — produced some of the best bloopers and open-goal misses? Comic relief might be something we all need.

We’ll start with the Bundesliga because they put together the best compilation out of any league. Here’s their top 10 most surprising open-goal misses. 

If you think that's awesome, they also put together a compilation of the best overall bloopers from the season.

So cringe yet so amazing.

Other leagues weren’t so forthcoming with their bloopers and mistakes from the season… Luckily, YouTubers mustered the courage to put together the best bloopers from every league this season.

In all of the hilarity, I’d say these mundane mistakes make players more human. Which blooper is your favorite?

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