The 12 Soccer Podcasts You Need To Listen To — Ranked

If you’re a soccer junkie, it’s easy to get bored during the offseason of your favorite leagues. The transfer rumor mill is exhausting and can be pretty silly, as all the speculation just seems outlandish. And even during the season, just a few matches a week/weekend may not be enough for you.

Watching highlights on YouTube only goes so far, and they can’t satiate your appetite for footy for that long. Maybe you don’t have a lot of people to discuss your awful soccer opinions with except on social media (I’m kidding of course, but it’s possible that your opinions are awful). Still, there is a form of media that you may not consume that could be the answer to your soccer cravings: podcasts.

It can be hard to talk about soccer a lot in America because it’s not our biggest sport just yet. Maybe you have a lot that you want to think about, or maybe you just want to hear some dedicated people talk about the beautiful game.

Well, you’re in luck. We've ranked the 12 best soccer podcasts out there. Give them a try!

12 Best Soccer Podcasts

1. Tifo Football

In-depth tactical, historical and geopolitical breakdowns of the beautiful game from the team behind the Tifo Football YouTube channel. Hosted by Joe Devine, Tifo does a number of different topics for its podcasts, including Sensible Transfers, Tactical Discussions and Club and League news. They also have a YouTube channel dedicated to historical facts about football, stories, and more.

2. Men In Blazers

“We discuss football. And wear blazers. Usually at the same time. Men in Blazers is driven by the belief that soccer is America’s sport of the future, as it has been since 1972.”

Men In Blazers have a lot of good podcasts about the Premier League, the U.S. national teams, MLS and more. They also have some pretty cool guests with them.

3. SkySports Football Podcast

Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville and Jamie Redknapp talk all of the biggest stories in football. Also, it’s fun to hear them banter.


While ESPN FC and its crew does a lot of work on TV with Extra Time, some of their best work is in this podcast.

5. The 2 Robbies

If you watch the Premier League on NBC Sports in America, you’ll know Robbie Mustoe and Robbie Earle are two great pundits and former players.

6. Transfer Talk

SkySport’s version of the rumor mill. Evaluates players and links to other clubs and talks about how they could fit.

7. Football Writers Podcast BT Sport

Insight and analysis from football journalist Mike Calvin.

8. BBC World Football

BBC’s World Football takes a more global approach to the game, talking about international tournaments as well as a number of professional leagues.

9. The Debate

SkySports has a lot of podcasts. The Debate is a lot more pointed at a few discussion topics where you can hear opinions from former Premier League footballers and pundits.

10. SkySports Sunday Supplement

Sunday Supplement usually focuses on England and the Premier League with this podcast. As always with the Prem, there’s plenty to talk about.

11. Across the Pond

An American take on the Premier League, with guests from BBC, The Guardian and more.

12. Total Soccer Show

TSS focuses a lot on American soccer and our national teams. The Premier League and the rest of Europe’s leagues are also popular.

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