Video: Belgrano players almost decapitated in team bus celebration

Belgrano were crowned Argentine second division champions after defeating Club Atlético Brown in the 34th matchday of the Primera Nacional.

They are back in the first division.

After the game and in usual champion fashion, the Celestes rode around the city in a double decker bus to celebrate the clinching of the title. All the players were on the bus and having a good time.

Though as happy as everyone was, things could’ve taken an unexpected and tragic turn.

Low underpass forces Belgrano players to duck for their lives

In the middle of the celebration ride around the city, the Belgrano bus route took the team under a bridge that almost took out half of the team.

The person responsible for planning this route should be fired, immediately.

We were centimeters and a slower reaction away from perhaps one of the most tragic moments ever.

Luckily, no one was hurt and it was all left in a funny, yet scary anecdote.

Keep the celebrations going!

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