Outrageous assist in Copa Libertadores deserves a million more views

Independiente Medellín scored four first-half goals en route to a 4-2 victory over Metropolitanos in Copa Libertadores group stage play on Wednesday night, and we're here to talk about the Colombian side's fourth; it might contain the assist of the tournament.

The sequence is straight out of beach soccer, beginning with a disguised cross-field switch from Jonathan Marulanda. That was directly followed by the moment of magic: Andrés Ricaurte (maybe you remember him from his lone season with FC Dallas in 2020, but probably you don't) decided that rather than taking a touch, he'd lace a left-footed volley all the way back to the far post.

The Metropolitanos defenders were shell shocked, leaving Luciano Pons all alone for a good header back across the face of goal. 

Fútbol champagne. 

Metropolitanos, coming out of Venezuela, are doomed in Libertadores Group B with three straight defeats to begin play. Medellín are in third-place with four points, trailing Uruguay's Nacional (seven points) and Brazil's Internacional (five).

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