Sam Kerr: Australia

Former USWNT player Nikki Marshall highlights Australia's powerhouse Sam Kerr.

Australia: Sam Kerr

These days, there are few players in the world who inspire terror in opposing defenses like Australia’s Sam Kerr. 

And Kerr very nearly didn’t even play the sport in which she is now one of the best in the world.

Kerr grew up playing the male-dominated sport of rugby. 

Eventually, the boys she played with and against decided they didn’t want to get tackled by a girl, so she had to switch to a different sport — and every opposition defender at this summer’s Women’s World Cup will wish she had just stuck to rugby.

It didn’t take long for Kerr to become a dominant soccer player, making her Australia debut at the age of 15. Now 25, Kerr is a veteran with the Matildas and a legitimate superstar across the globe. A two-time Golden Boot winner in both the NWSL and Australia’s W-League, Kerr puts forth PlayStation-like performances. 

Sam Kerr’s speed and strength honed playing rugby against the boys have been complemented by predatory finishing and delightful backflip celebrations. After scoring the goal that sent Australia to the 2019 Women’s World Cup, expect to see some more backflips in France this summer.

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