Alex Song On His Decision To Join Barcelona

When Barcelona offered me a contract, and I saw how much I would earn, I didn't think twice. I felt my wife and children should have comfortable lives once my career is over. I met Barça's sporting director, and he told me I would not get to play many games, but I didn't give a fuck — I knew that now I would become a millionaire. I wanted to rub shoulders with the big boys. I could shop wherever I wanted and have crazy nights out. I would go to training and see Thierry Henry – the King — turn up in an absolute gem of a car. I told myself I wanted the same car at all costs. I went to the dealership, signed the papers and arranged to pay for it by standing order — and just like that I had the same car as the King. But I swear that I had to hand the car back inside two months. All my money was going on filling it with petrol. I told them: 'Give me a Toyota – this car's too much for me.'
Alex Song on signing with Barcelona