Youth Soccer

A Disappointing 2016 For US Women’s Soccer Ends With U-20 Defeat To North Korea

Beginning with the USWNT’s infamous defeat to Sweden at the quarterfinal stage of the 2016 Summer Olympics, proceeding to the Under-17’s inability to advance from the group stage of the U-17 Women’s World Cup and now ending with the U-20’s defeat to North Korea at the sem

U-20 Women’s World Cup Features An Emotional Meeting Between Twin Sisters On Opposing Sides

Twin sisters Sabrina and Monica Flores achieved a remarkable feat in and of itself by both playing at the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup. What’s even more sensational is the fact that Sabrina represents the USA while her twin sister plays for Mexico. Accordingly, the two squared off in the tournament quarterfinals. 

Will Donald Trump's Presidency Impact The Future of Women's Soccer?

If Hillary Clinton was elected president, we all know she would have helped America move closer to women’s rights and equality. But Donald Trump won the election instead. So, what does this mean for women’s soccer? Will Trump continue to insult and treat women poorly? Will his presidency create a bigger gap between the two genders? Will we move further away from equal pay? It hasn’t even been 48 hours and we already have so many questions…

Relive The Greatest Comeback In The History Of Soccer

It's a tired cliche, but the game isn't over until the referee blows the final whistle. An unbelievable, historic match at the 2003 FIFA U-17 World Championship proved as much.

As soccer fans, we typically hate to see a game end in a 0-0 tie. But, there is nothing more humiliating than watching one team lose to another by five or more goals. In soccer, it's very important for a team to score the first goal of the game. If that's the case, your team automatically sets the pace for the match, and it also shows your opponents that you are here to compete.

Liverpool Set Wage Caps For Academy Products

Liverpool has followed the examples of Tottenham and Southampton by enforcing a wage cap of £40,000-per-year on 17-year-old youth professionals according to a report by the Telegraph

The policy aims to combat the "too much, too young" culture in the Premier League that has seen financial incentives for youth products rise to ridiculous proportions. 

Youth Soccer's Soaring Head Injury Numbers Are Cause For Great Concern

Everyone seems to be aware of the rise of concussions in major sports like American football and hockey, but many don’t realize that the risk of concussions has also started manifesting itself in other sports, including soccer. 

A recent youth soccer study published in the Journal of Pediatrics indicated that between 1990 and 2014, soccer-related emergency room visits have increased by 111%. Of those, more than 7% were concussions and 23% fractures.

Soccer Coach Fired After Wearing Clown Mask To Practice

We were all freaked out after hearing about people dressing up as clowns in their neighborhoods. Then, everyone’s worst nightmare got ten times worse after the news broke about clowns kidnapping children and bringing them into the woods. Halloween might be around the corner, but people are still strongly against clowns and the latest “creepy clown craze.” Let's hope that everyone avoids the clown costumes for this year's upcoming holiday…

13-Year-Old Celtic Boy Wonder Makes U-20 Debut

Last week, Moussa Dembele made headlines with his performance against Manchester City in the Champions League, but this week, it's Celtic’s 'other Dembele', 13-year-old Karamoko, in the spotlight. Though he could easily be mistaken for a ball boy with his shorts nearly covering his legs, the teenaged Karamoko Dembele replaced 16-year-old Jack Aitchison in the 81st minute of Celtic’s U-20 match with Hearts to make his Celtic debut at that age level.