Chelsea Fans Found Guilty Of Racism Claim They Aren't Racists

Four Chelsea supporters, despite claiming they aren't racists, have been found to be racists by a court in France after throwing a black man out of a Paris metro car, according to the BBC.

The men who claimed they aren't racists could be heard yelling "we are racist, we are racist, and that's the way we like it" in a video taken of the scene.

All four men were given one-year suspended prison sentences and ordered to pay their victim 10,000 Euros.

Porto’s Danilo Is Sent Off Because The Ref Ran Into Him

This is, without a doubt, the strangest sending off we’ve ever seen. FC Porto came up against Moreirense in a must-win match in the Portuguese Taca da Liga cup competition on Tuesday night. With Moreirense leading 1-0 in the 79th minute, the referee inexplicably ended any hope Porto had of advancing to the semifinals by giving Danilo Pereira his second yellow card of the match and sending him off. 

His offense? Being ran into by the referee. It’s a shockingly ridiculous decision that calls into question the integrity of everything. This guy is tripping off the power. 

Cristiano’s Son Has To Deal With The Messi-Ronaldo Rivalry Everyday At School

First grade is a time of personal discovery. At six years of age, it's a time when children learn simple things like raising their hands, not interrupting the speaker and respecting the feelings of others. It’s a time of collaboration, sharing and complex learning in different subject areas.

Unless your Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, whose elementary experience is, according to his father, like braving the comment section of any soccer website — the one place where you'll never find co-operation, manners and mutual respect.

5 Times Footballers Have Disgraced Themselves On Twitter

As has been said on many occasions, football is a beautiful game. With it, we laugh, we cry and we sometimes throw things at our television screens, but that doesn't diminish our passion. 

What might accomplish that, however, is the constant need for social media to single-handedly try and shatter the illusion that surrounds these overpaid heroes we watch week in and week out.

Rwanda FA Bans Witchcraft After Strange Mid-Game Ritual Yields Goal

A surreal occurrence in the Rwandan Premier League has led to a ban of all witchcraft by the country’s football association. While the following was one of a number of incidents which preceded the ban, none are more bizarre than what happened in a Rwandan Premier League match between Mukura Victory and Rayon Sports.

With Rayon Sports losing 1-0, one of their players, Moussa Camara, was captured on film appearing to place a small object against his opponent's goalpost. 

China’s Next Big Target Would Redefine Spending In Football

News of Carlos Tevez perhaps becoming the highest paid footballer on the planet by earning nearly $40 million with Shanghai Shenhua ($1.25 per second) was unfathomable. That kind of total, when dissected and attempted to be understood, is like standing on the beach and trying to fathom all the individual grains of sand or staring up at the night sky and quantifying your place in the universe. 

The English FA Has Some Very Bad Ideas For Bringing Girls Into Soccer

The FA, in its infinite wisdom, has decided there needs to be more girls playing the beautiful game in England. This in and of itself is a reasonable thing to want. Gender equality is good and the FA should want that. 

What is not reasonable or good is the document they made full of suggestions on how to get more females playing soccer.

Specifically, these suggestions were clearly not written by women, or girls, or anyone who has ever met a woman or girl.