Orlando Won’t Appeal Kaka’s Super Playful, Super Weird Red Card Goof

We’ve come to understand that VAR is going to get weird. There are going to be suspensions of play that feel strange, there are going to be offenses that are bizarrely non-reviewable, there are going to be goals disallowed for offenses in the buildup that’ll feel mysteriously idiosyncratic. It all comes with the power of time travel.

But the one surreal use of VAR we never expected would be the one ending with the brandishing of a straight red card to the wholesome Kaka, which happened on Saturday. This wasn’t your classic sending off — it was weird as s**t. 

How Barcelona Should Spend Their Neymar Transfer Treasure Hoard

Barcelona have a cool $260-ish million to play with following the sale of Neymar Jr. to PSG. Now, the question on everyone's minds is how Barcelona will go about spending such a large sum. Not all at once, hopefully! I took a crack at budgeting Barcelona's bundle of Benjamins (not really Benjamins because they are presumably in Euro form but I love alliteration so whatever), and this is what I came up with:

New socks for the whole team! ($10 per player)

Thanks To Ronaldinho, You Can Now Joga Bonito With Your Fidget Spinners

If you thought fidget spinners were only for hyperactive tweens and squirmy corporate adults, then think again.

The most annoying and amusing toy in the world just received the stamp of approval from Ronaldinho. The Brazilian legend recently released his own line of fidget spinners, available in silver, gold and black. The stylish gadget’s piéce de résistance is the emblazoned “Ronaldinho” signature.