World Cup

USA Survives Group Of Death

No more scenarios, no more watching other games closely, the United States Men’s National Team is through to the Round of 16 and will play Belgium on July 1st at 4pm EST. 

Conditions were tough in Recife, where the city suffered severe flooding hours before the match. The match went on as planned, though, as the Germany beat the Americans 1-0 in rainy Arena Pernambuco. 

One Cause The Stars Of World Cup 2014 Want You To Know About

Last minute goals, amazing saves, fantastic moves, heartbreak and elation (sometimes both in the course of the same match) – World Cup 2014 continues to thrill. For fans everywhere, the ecstasy of victory and the agony of defeat leave little time to consider the journey World Cup players have made to star on soccer's largest stage. Many arose from such dismal origins it is amazing that they survived childhood, let alone continued to play and excel at soccer.

World Cup Preview: USA vs Germany

The final match for the United States in the group stage comes against Germany, considered one of the pre-tournament favorites. This match will be played at the same time as the Ghana-Portugal match, so no team in the group will get the advantage of knowing how the other match played out before it takes the pitch. The stakes of the match for the United States are fairly straight forward: if they can defeat or draw the Germans, their World Cup will continue. While they could still theoretically advance even if they lose, it will then depend on what happens in the Ghana-Portugal match.

Suarez Bites Again

At this point, there is no question that Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez bit Italian midfielder Giorgio Chiellini. This is his third instance biting an opposing player, and he has already served a 10-game suspension for his indiscretions in the English Premier League. 

Now it is almost certain that Suarez will receive a suspension that will leave him out of the rest of the tournament. Here is the incident that occurred today against Italy.