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Spirit of Football: The Journey Of The World Cup's Olympic Torch

During a World Cup year, you are going to hear hundreds of amazing stories from across the planet. Like how Gabriel Jesus was painting the streets of Rio during the last World Cup and is now a vital part of the Selecao. Or how Mohamed Salah has captured the hope of an entire nation and helped send Egypt to the World Cup for the first time since before I was born (1990 for those wondering).

The Complete Collection Of 2018 World Cup Jerseys

Are you looking for a complete collection (both home and away) of the entire range of 2018 World Cup jerseys? You’ve come to the right place. With just over two months to go before the festivities kick off in Russia, the majority of the jerseys on show this summer have now been released.

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2018 World Cup Jerseys | Group A

Russia Home and Away

The 6 Types Of World Cup Fans That Inhabit Our Planet

The World Cup is drawing closer and closer (79 days!). With that in mind, we have devoted ourselves to a sociological effort: defining the different kinds of World Cup fans out there. 

The World Cup Favorites 

These fans are outright obnoxious.

Not many countries can honestly say they are serious candidates to win the World Cup. Fans from countries with an actual chance of winning the trophy exude confidence and often, arrogance. The only consolation the rest of us have is watching one of these nations fail.

Can South America Finally Break Its European World Cup Curse?

Historically speaking, things look pretty bleak for the five South American nations set to compete in Russia this summer. Over the history of the World Cup, the event has taken place in Europe 10 times. Collectively, if you break those tournaments down by how things finished, European nations have accounted for 34 of the 40 top four finishes (85%), leaving South America with only six success stories:

Goalkeepers Are Already Complaining About The World Cup Ball

Every four years, the footy community gathers together for one of the most famous, most important traditions in sports: goalkeepers complaining about the World Cup ball.

This is what three goalkeepers who will probably feature in Russia had to say about the ball:

David de Gea: "It's really strange. It could have been made a lot better."

3 Nations Primed For Devastatingly Poor World Cups

Since the turn of the 21st century, it’s happened without fail: every World Cup, three nations that began the tournament ranked in FIFA’s top 20 have been unceremoniously dumped from the competition at the group stage. In fact, in two of the four World Cups this century, three of the world’s top 10 ranked sides have capitulated before the knockout rounds. 

Here’s a rundown of the three highest ranked sides to fall at the first hurdle in the last four tournaments:


The Rowdiest World Cup Fan Photos Of All-Time

The most wonderful thing about the World Cup is that it’s a carnival. Not in the modern “Oh, this is a great opportunity to get Instagram photos and pretend I’m a famous person” sense of the word, but more like the medieval “Let’s reverse all our social roles, suspend our norms about desired behavior, lose our everyday individuality and experience a heightened sense of social unity while pouring libations” understanding.