Wenger Watch Carabao Cup Special: Survive And Advance

Arsenal took care of business in their Carabao (which we are pronouncing CaraBOW with extra emphasis on the BOW) Cup clash against Doncaster Rovers. Theo Walcott scored. Alexis dribbled a lot. Olivier Giroud tried two overhead kicks. Arsenal saved two goals in situations that involved beleaguered Arsenal defenders making horrible mistakes but being so much faster than the Doncaster forwards it didn't matter. Jack Wilshere played.

So, nothing to worry about, really. Survive and advance.

Wenger Watch: The Tie That Binds

In Thursday's Wenger Watch European special, we ended with "Arsenal play Chelsea on Sunday, which means the Wenger-O-Meter will be in a much sillier position next week. Unless they tie."

Well, guess what happened? They tied! 0-0!

Therefore, true to the Wenger Watch's word, we are keeping the Wenger-O-Meter in the exact same position we had it in on Thursday, which, as you may recall, was in the MIDDLE. Neither IN nor OUT. SCHRODINGER'S FRENCHMAN.

Wenger Watch Transfer Deadline Special: At Least Alexis Sanchez Is Still On The Team

Welcome to a Wenger Watch transfer deadline special, where we will come to a conclusion on Wenger IN vs. Wenger OUT based on the deadline day happenings at Arsenal. 

The deadline day happenings at Arsenal were pretty underwhelming really. Manchester CIty is all mad because they don't have Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal have Alexis Sanchez but not Thomas Lemar or Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain, who has inadvertantly become the new Banter King of Merseyside.

What If Arsene Wenger Had Been Fired Six Years Ago? A Bitter Arsenal Fan Weighs In

Six years ago today Arsenal suffered perhaps its most embarrassing defeat ever as Manchester United hammered the Gunners 8-2. Yesterday, Arsenal was throttled 4-0 by Liverpool. Nothing much has changed since 2011.

But what if Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke gave a f*ck? What if the Arsenal board decided, hey, maybe we don’t want to lose by six goals? What if Arsene Wenger was fired in August 2011?

A Terrifying Look Inside Arsenal’s Virtual Reality Training Techniques

Arsene Wenger has a process, a recipe if you will, for how he wants things done. In an effort to reach his young charges, the venerable, white-haired Professor has created a training simulation using virtual reality to turn raw ingredients into mouthwatering fare. 

Here’s a taste of what he’s cooked up: 

It’s a bit frightening, but that’s the point. Arsenal players must toughen up, with a crispy outer layer of seasoning and experience.