Oman This 14-0 Scoreline Is Brutal

Oman and Bhutan played an Asian Cup qualifier Tuesday, with Oman winning 14-0. This is about as bad a beatdown as you can get in soccer, and we spent some time thinking about what went through the minds of the losing team.

The 14 Stages Of Losing 14-0

1. Oh no! The other team has scored! We must try to score also and tie the game!

2. Ah well, 2-0 is the most dangerous lead in soccer. We can do this boys!

3. We can still come back. Stranger things have happened.

Watch River Plate Somehow Mess Up A 4-On-The-Goalie Break

(clears throat)

Webster's Dictionary defines "incompetence" as . . . 

It doesn't really matter what Webster's Dictionary defines incompetence as, because I know it when I see it, and this is it. First, Belgrano de Cordoba's defense took a nap when they should have been paying attention to what River Plate's attackers were doing. One defender was paying attention, but he played the situation badly and took himself out of the action right at the start.

Scunthorpe Defeat Bradford City Thanks To The Greatest Block You’ll Ever See

A goal-saving block is a great thing. To make that block while lying on the ground and perfectly timing an overhead kick to put a goal-bound header out of play is sensational. To do all that in stoppage time while your side is leading 3-2 and pushing for promotion to the English Championship, well, that’s just absurd. 

But that’s exactly what Scunthorpe defender Murray Wallace managed to achieve for his side against Bradford City today, earning them a vital three points in their push for promotion.