How A Giovani Dos Santos Golazo Changed The Future Of Soccer In The U.S. And Mexico

Soccer in the United States is exemplified best by one word: transition. If there really is World Cup winning glory in the future of the United States Men’s National Team, then the current era must be considered its awkward years. U.S. Soccer is getting there, but it is often painfully clear that, as far as the country has come, it has so much further to go. 

American Dream: How One Player Went From College To The European Pros

It is a typical morning in Joensuu, a moderately-sized college town in Finland. There is a slight chill in the air of this industrial city on the Pielisjoki River as 23-year-old American Nathan Stockie wakes up and plans out his day. He has plenty of time to kill, as he does not have to be at work until 4:30pm that afternoon. What type of work does an American do in a Finnish town that does not require him to be there until 4:30? Bartender? Bouncer? Not quite. You see, Nathan is a professional footballer.

MLS Is Not Happy With Jurgen Klinsmann. Here Is Why.

The United States suffered another disappointing result this week, drawing against Honduras 1-1 in their third international friendly since the World Cup. The USMNT beat the Czech Republic 1-0 in early September and drew against Ecuador 1-1 last Friday. 

A day before their loss, Jurgen Klinsmann had some choice words regarding his two stars, Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley, returning to MLS. Before making the move back stateside, Dempsey was playing for Premier League squad Tottenham Hotspur while Bradley was in Italy playing for AS Roma.