Complete U.S. World Cup TV Schedule And Streaming

As the World Cup gets closer and closer, it’s never too early to prepare for the spectacle on television. The World Cup TV schedule has been released for the United States and we’ve listed what channels each match will appear on when the tournament begins on June 14. 

The English-language World Cup TV schedule was made by Fox, which will be showing matches on its over-the-air FOX network as well as FS1. Fox has opted to not use FS2 for any matches, though that’s subject to change for simultaneous matches at the end of group play. 

The Juventus Show: A Review Of Juve’s New Netflix Documentary

This was a big week for Juventus. Not only did they get a hiding in the Champions League, they also released a self-glorifying TV show and lined up against their old cross-city rivals, Torino.  

This kind of glitz and glamour is what we’ve come to expect from the reigning six-time champions. It shows why they’re one of the countries best loved and most hated teams, all at once. 

But what did we actually learn from this week? 

Real Madrid-PSG Match Garnered Massive Viewership Numbers Across The Globe

No surprise really, but the first leg of the Real Madrid-PSG Champions League Round of 16 matchup was a huge success for broadcasters as the two-time defending champions rallied for a 3-1 victory on Wednesday in Madrid. As the numbers from the Real Madrid-PSG TV ratings begin to trickle in, we’re beginning to learn just how big of a deal the match was for countries around the world, especially those without a team in the fight.

The Netflix Juventus Documentary Looks Boss

Here’s the first official trailer for Netflix’s upcoming documentary on Juventus FC, and it looks sensational. Netflix is going behind the scenes at the 33-time Italian champions, and it appears as if the likes of Gianluigi Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini and Gonzalo Higuain will feature heavily alongside club legends like Alessandro Del Piero. 

And if you don’t want to watch it because of Calciopoli, you don’t have to! Nobody wants to listen to your sanctimonious patronizing, so go shit on someone else’s parade.

The 7 Best Soccer-Related Super Bowl Commercials — And The Worst One

The Super Bowl — an annual event where Americans gather to drink beer, eat nachos and watch commercials — is on Sunday. The team with the worst fans in America takes on the team with the most bandwagon fans in America. It’s gonna be lit. Through the years, there have been a number of soccer Super Bowl commercials, mostly utilizing the star power of the sport’s biggest players. We've compiled the best. 

LAFC To Air Matches Locally On YouTubeTV — For A Price

LAFC, the newest MLS expansion team, makes its debut this year. The club is still working on sorting out a number of variables from finalizing its roster to completing construction of its stadium. But a new LAFC YouTubeTV deal announced Wednesday means the club now has a shirt sponsor and a local broadcaster. But the local English-language broadcasts won’t be free.

The Goal! Film Has Done More For Newcastle This January Than Owner Mike Ashley

There was something we overlooked, fellow Newcastle United supporters. While we were busy putting all our eggs in the Amanda Staveley basket, we failed to realize that we are now entering a halcyon phase in our club’s history without the help of a petroleum-infused war chest. New boy Kenedy, freshly arrived from Chelsea on loan, has brought to our attention the catalyst of the Tyneside Renaissance: the Goal! The Dream Begins film.

Andres Iniesta Playing American Football In New Ad Has Us Questioning How Europeans View The Sport

Is this what Europeans think of the United States’ favorite sport? Andres Iniesta starred in a recent commercial in which he donned the shoulder pads and masked helmet of an American football player in a ploy to, um, get viewers to trade stocks? Or something? Not really sure. But the ad’s portrayal of Iniesta’s new sport is an interesting glimpse into how Europeans must view American football.