Here's What Happens When You Fire A Soccer Ball 50 MPH Backwards From A Truck Moving 50 MPH Forwards

Here at The18, we love soccer science. We've even designated a series of videos to soccer science experiments, featuring our very own PhD in soccer science. At least, he tells us he holds that degree from an accredited university. The office of admissions at Johnny Hopkins hasn't answered our calls requesting a transcript.

Goal-Line Technology Has Just Played A Massive Role In Deciding The Dutch Eredivisie Champion

Sunday’s match between Feyenoord and PSV Eindhoven was a meeting of first and third in the Dutch Eredivisie table. With the scores level at 1-1 in the 82nd minute, the big winner would be second place Ajax. But Feyenoord's Jan-Arie van der Heijden was credited with a winner in one of the most important and ridiculous demonstrations of goal-line technology.

La Liga's Refusal To Use Goal-Line Technology Comes Back To Haunt Barcelona

Real Madrid’s mini-crisis heading into the weekend was completely reversed in a matter of hours. First, Barcelona travelled to Sevilla to play Real Betis. In a match that Barca were heavy favorites in, they found themselves trailing 1-0 in the 79th minute. 

Then, after Neymar had been dragged down in the box with no foul given, a Betis defender sent the ball into his own goal. It clearly crossed the line, but a desperate clearance from inside the net was adjudged to have prevented the goal by the referee.

The Link Between Turf Fields And Cancer Has Been Questioned By The Latest Research

The growing concern over artificial turf fields and their possible connection with cancer has led to more significant research, including a recent study by the Washington State Department of Health and researchers at the University of Washington, but their findings have concluded that the field surface is not linked to an increased rate of cancer.

Is FIFA Purposely Sabotaging Instant Replay Technology?

Football has long been obstinate in its opposition to video technology, going so far as to appoint fifth and sixth officials to stand behind the goals doing absolutely nothing as opposed to implementing any kind of instant replay system. 

Goal-line technology has, in recent times, been successfully used at the highest levels of the game, but this only came about because of legitimate instances of robbery at the pinnacle of the sport.

Google Maps Reveals Argentine Club Have Been Playing On A Wonky Pitch For 30 Years

Since 1987, Argentina side Club Social y Deportivo Liniers have been playing their home matches at “The Bulldozer”, just outside of Buenos Aires. For nearly 30 years they’ve been playing on a crooked, wonky pitch that features one half that’s much shorter than the other.

Google Maps images clearly revealed something not quite right about the pitch, and the Argentina Football Association (AFA) is now threatening the club with closure should they not rectify the field’s blemishes.