The Grueling Process Behind Becoming A World Cup Referee

They don’t get the credit the footballers do for their performance each game, but referees have to be just as prepared physically and mentally as those players they’re chasing all around the field.

It’s a varied and strenuous training process. The best refs have to be fitter than a world-class midfielder, have to possess an acute awareness for the type of teams, players and tactics they’ll be observing, and they need to be ready to handle all that might be thrown at them psychologically when it comes to high stakes and other maddening elements.

Black Vests Explained: The Amazing Tech Inside The Training Tools

With preseason underway across the Premier League, you're going to see a lot of photos of players training with their now accustomary black vests on. A few years ago, these garments were an absolute rarity, and, apart from some sophomoric comments about male players wearing sports bras (how dare you), it was generally assumed that they measured heart rate and yada yada yada.

2017-18 Champions League To Be Livestreamed For Free Via Facebook

Teenagers and grown adults celebrated a triumphant moment of growing independence yesterday as they learned they’d no longer need their parents’ cable television login credentials to watch the UEFA Champions League online. A monumental deal between Facebook Inc. and Fox Sports will see the page livestream two matches on Tuesday and two on Wednesday throughout the group stage, four matches from the round of 16 and four quarterfinal games during the 2017-18 tournament.

Here's What Happens When You Fire A Soccer Ball 50 MPH Backwards From A Truck Moving 50 MPH Forwards

Here at The18, we love soccer science. We've even designated a series of videos to soccer science experiments, featuring our very own PhD in soccer science. At least, he tells us he holds that degree from an accredited university. The office of admissions at Johnny Hopkins hasn't answered our calls requesting a transcript.

Goal-Line Technology Has Just Played A Massive Role In Deciding The Dutch Eredivisie Champion

Sunday’s match between Feyenoord and PSV Eindhoven was a meeting of first and third in the Dutch Eredivisie table. With the scores level at 1-1 in the 82nd minute, the big winner would be second place Ajax. But Feyenoord's Jan-Arie van der Heijden was credited with a winner in one of the most important and ridiculous demonstrations of goal-line technology.